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WIIT Policies


  • A WIIT affiliate is an IIT student, faculty, staff, or alumni
  • A WIIT affiliate is also a community DJ who have been with the station for four or more years.

General Policies

  • Violators of policies are subject to suspension of show and/or removal of show.
  • WIIT operational meetings will occur monthly.
    • All WIIT members are welcome to participate in operational meetings

General Station Policies

  • Station access is limited to those individuals who either have radio shows or have necessary access to the station.
  • Any person leaving the station must check that the doors to the station are locked and shut.
  • Any person leaving the station must check that the lights are turned off.
  • Nothing can be put on the station windows without the approval of a member of the executive board.
  • If anyone notices a piece of broken equipment, they should immediately contact the Technical Director at 773.918.5917 or by email

General DJ Lounge Policies

  • Lounge access is restricted to those individuals who are on the executive board or have other authorization to access the lounge via the CCC room rentals.
  • The music and in the lounge is available for listening by those with access to the lounge.
  • All items removed from the lounge must be recorded on the check out log.

Show Policies

  • When starting or ending a show, the DJ must sign the Operator’s Log book.
  • Around the top of the hour, a DJ must give station identification. Example: “This is WIIT 88.9 FM Chicago”
  • Twice per hour a DJ must play a Public Service Announcement.
  • After the completion of a show, the DJ has one week to submit a show log. These are located on the studio machine. If you need a copy of it, contact the Technical Director.
  • The program log is to be submitted online through the form here
  • No swearing will be permitted on the air.
  • When answering the phone, a DJ must notify the caller if they are to be put on the air.
  • If a caller begins to swear it is the duty of the DJ to end the call.
  • Guests are allowed in the station during the building operational hours.
  • If a DJ has a show that lasts longer than the open building hours, they are allowed to finish their show to completion. If an issue occurs, contact the tech director or station manager.
  • If a DJ can not make their show, that DJ must fill out the Missed Show Form
  • If a DJ does not show up to a show without notice, they will be given one warning. On the second¬† offense, the DJ will be subject to forfeit of allotted time slot.


  • No show may be the promotional arm of a label, entertainment, or promotional group.
    • Shows will be monitored for compliance of this policy.
    • Compliance is up to the discretion of the WIIT management.
  • DJs are allowed to promote themselves. Examples of such are, “I will be spinning at such and such club”.
  • No DJ is to take money to promote an artist or to play commercials on the station.
    • If the DJ knows an entity who wishes to advertise on their show, that DJ is to bring this to the attention of the station manager to go through the proper procedure.


  • New DJs can only have one show a week for no more than two hours for their first semester.
    • New DJs are watched more carefully to ensure that they are following WIIT guidelines.
  • DJs can only be allotted one show a week with a maximum slot of four hours.
    • DJs may have a second show, but only if it ends before 5pm on Monday – Thursday
  • IIT Affiliates (Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni) have higher precedence when slots are allotted.
  • Currently, no more than 15% of the WIIT population are allowed to be community DJ’s.
  • Slot allotments are up to the discretion of the WIIT Executive board and membership

Access Policies

  • Access to the lounge and station is given to WIIT Executive board members and current DJs.
  • To obtain access to any part of WIIT the individual must contact the station manager with their CWID after acceptance as a member
  • Community DJs are to check in at the front desk to be let in to the station.


  • Swag is any piece given to the station by musicians and record labels that is NOT a cd.
  • WIIT affiliates are allowed to take swag, if they desire.¬† It’s suggested that if you take an item, you only take one item per week.