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  • bonny light horseman @ thalia hall

    bonny light horseman @ thalia hall

    @amelia.moseman@colekincart (pictures) Despite being merely six years and three albums old, Bonny Light Horseman has the sound and calm confidence of a much more developed band. Perhaps it’s not that surprising when considering the conglomerated resume of members Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson and Josh Kauffman. Said resume includes indie cult classics Fruit Bats, The…

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  • nourished by time @ schubas

    nourished by time @ schubas

    @colekincart Nourished by Time graced Schubas this past Monday, captivating a sold-out crowd. The performance comes nearly a year after the release of his full-length album, “Erotic Problems 2.” This past spring, Marcus Brown, who recently signed to XL Recordings, released a five-song EP titled “Catching Chickens,” featuring what is arguably the most fitting intro…

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  • young fathers @ the vic theatre

    young fathers @ the vic theatre

    @colekincart .“That’s what I’m talking about, this sh*t means something to me, man!” If you’re well-versed in the nooks and crannies of internet culture, you might’ve missed out on the “old man crying meme” or the infamous “Michigan fan crying meme.” For context, in a nutshell, after an upset victory over Ohio State in November…

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  • The Magnetic Fields Commemorate 25 Years of “69 Love Songs” at Thalia Hall

    The Magnetic Fields Commemorate 25 Years of “69 Love Songs” at Thalia Hall

    Prepare for an extraordinary musical voyage this week as The Magnetic Fields bring their iconic album “69 Love Songs” to life at Thalia Hall. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the band will perform the entire triple-disc opus across two enchanting evenings, marking a rare occasion after over two decades. Led by the visionary composer Stephin Merritt,…

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  • twin coast @ lincoln hall

    twin coast @ lincoln hall

    @colekincart This past weekend at Lincoln Hall, the stage was set for a night of captivating music as Twin Coast, a rising noise/shoegaze band, opened for the iconic 90s indie rock band, Luna, during their two-night stay. Twin Coast, comprised of siblings Kira and Reid Isbell, has been making waves in Chicago’s DIY scene, steadily…

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  • hurray for the riff raff @ lincoln hall

    hurray for the riff raff @ lincoln hall

    @colekincart Last Thursday night, Lincoln Hall welcomed Hurray for the Riff Raff alongside NNAMDÏ for a deeply memorable performance celebrating the release of their ninth studio album, “The Past Is Still Alive.” Having immersed myself in the album’s sonic escapades over the past few weeks, the significance of its release immediately stood out. Garnering immediate…

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  • ryan beatty @ thalia hall

    ryan beatty @ thalia hall

    Cole and I revisited Ryan Beatty’s performance, this time at Thalia Hall, where his more relaxed interaction, heartfelt renditions from “Calico,” and an experienced band entranced fans with both new and classic hits, concluding with a remarkable Dolly Parton cover encore.

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  • friko @ the metro

    friko @ the metro

    @colekincart Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Friko’s album release show at Chicago’s iconic Metro, accompanied by WIIT program director, Matt. As the venue began to fill, the atmosphere simmered with excitement as fans eagerly anticipated performances from three of the city’s hottest indie bands, including openers Neptune’s Core and Smut. All three…

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  • ally evenson @ the metro

    ally evenson @ the metro

    @amelia.moseman Despite her midwest roots, Detroit-based musician Ally Evenson’s music is anything but polite and reserved. The intensely honest lyrics, detailing past relationships and mental health struggles, leave Evenson exposed and vulnerable. “I’m going to play you some mentally ill songs” she opened, evoking cheers of empathy from the crowd.  Under the lights of Chicago’s…

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  • geese @ lincoln hall

    geese @ lincoln hall

    @colekincart Last Thursday night, Geese graced the stage at Chicago’s renowned Lincoln Hall, marking the opening night for their latest EP, “4D.” The band, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, is known for their genre-blurring approach to music. Their latest EP, “4D,” is another chapter in their creative exploration, as it offers an extra collection of…

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  • black country, new road @ thalia hall

    black country, new road @ thalia hall

    Written by @nicobatkoski Pictures by @colekincart Music is often best when shared with those you love. Whether it’s yelling out the lyrics  to the latest pop hit together, or basking in the pure emotion of a somber ballad, there is an intrinsic sense of unity found in music. No band captures that essence more than…

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  • Caroline Polacheck and Ethel Cain @ The Riveria

    Caroline Polacheck and Ethel Cain @ The Riveria

    @colekincart Last Tuesday night at The Rivera, fans were treated to an unforgettable triple-header featuring the immensely talented Caroline Polachek, and the rising stars Ethel Cain and True Blue. Ethel Cain, the opening act, proved to be one of the strongest performers I’ve seen in quite some time. As a rising star, Cain’s performance was…

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