Carl Cox @ Radius

By @theo_gdz

As a techno enthusiast, I was really excited to see the king himself perform in Chicago. To add to the hype, Carl Cox (@carlcoxofficial) was performing at Radius, a new venue that opened a week before his show. To make the most of the night, I decided to get to the venue before the door opened.

The venue looks very promising from the outside. It has one of the best wall art I have seen in my life. The only inconvenience of the night was that the door opened 20 minutes after the scheduled time so we were over a hundred waiting outside.

Once the door opened, I made my way to the dance-floor and needless to say that it did not disappoint. Out of all the venues I have been to, this one gave the best impression. They had bars along the side of the main dancefloor which made drinks very accessible, the locations and conditions of the bathrooms were ideal, and most importantly, the sound quality was far superior to most venues. So here I was leaning against the front barrier appreciating the opener of the night, Hiroko Yamamura(@Hiroko_Yamamura).

This Chicago based DJ started the night with an absolute killer set that lasted an hour. She really set the mood of the night and I could definitely feel her industrial and gothic roots in her set. Kudos to the organizers for choosing the perfect opener to this legendary night. Once she was done, her set smoothly transited to Chip-E’s, another Chicago based DJ.

When he showed up on stage, some people confused him with Carl Cox which led to small giggles. Nevertheless, Chip. E (@iamchip_e_) showed us why he was called the “Godfather of House Music” by the Street Mix magazine. His mix set was about an hour and it really built up the hype for the king. The light show was amazing and blended up well the sound. I could tell that the crowd was enjoying their night so far as more and more people were making their way closer to the DJ booth. After spending three hours at Radius, it was finally time, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

This was one of the most intense moments of my life. Carl Cox made his way on stage and the crowd was overexcited. I felt goosebumps when he shouted “CHICAGO!” and then, he went on playing the best live set I heard in my life. Carl played some new songs like “pure” and had Radius on fire. The transition between songs was so smooth, the build-up to every drop hyped the crowd and every drop was enhanced with laser shows. We were having the time of our lives on the dancefloor and everyone was vibing to his music in their own way.

The show ended at 3 am. After spending 6 hours at Radius, I grabbed a burger at the venue, which was surprisingly good, and headed back home.

This music experience was truly unique and I cannot wait for my next show at this venue. Long live the legend Carl Cox!

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