An Interview with JPEGMAFIA


Q: Tomi Lahren?

She’s a racist bitch who used to not have eyebrows. So I don’t know what else to say about her. She’s one of these people that are so full of shit and people know that she’s just shouting into the dark now.


You’ve lived in New York, Tokyo, Alabama, Baltimore, etc. How do you think every place you’ve lived have influenced your art?

A lot. I get sounds from there. Like in Japan I got a lot of weird stuff— like stuff that I’ll probably never find again. Not so much for sampling but I listen to things and think like how did they do this and try to like pull it apart. So going to all these different places like Kuwait or Iraq or whatever, I get like weird music from there— like I don’t know i just love music like I’m just a big music fan so it affects me a lot honestly everywhere I go. Like even being here I’m gonna go to a record store and find some shit.


With that, where was the most racist place you ever lived?

New York.


New York? Even with Alabama and Japan on the list? Still New York?

Actually, Alabama. Literally Alabama, but New York is lowkey racist. Alabama is just … Alabama.


You’re often cited as a Baltimore rapper. Do you consider yourself from Baltimore?



What are some Baltimore artists/mainstays in the scene there that you feel more people should know about?

Butch Dawson, Ghosty… Sir EU— he’s not from Baltimore but he’s from the area though. There are too many— Yung Midpack. There’s a lot but start with Butch Dawson, Ghosty, and Sir EU and go down the rabbit hole. Those are the three— those are my top recommendations.


So you have a song titled “Digital Blackface”. Tell me about your experiences with black twitter and what digital blackface means to you.

It’s niggas that be like online talkin bout— Lemme tell you what Digital blackface is. It’s these people that be online— um I know you’ve seen it in like YouTube comments and shit— they be on YouTube comments like “as a black person” let me tell you if anyone says that— I’ve never heard a nigga in my life say “as a black person” anything. But yeah digital blackface is just people anonymously online pretending to be black to like muddy up things and opinions.


So with that being said, what’s the superior online music forum?
Which one is the worst?

I mean the worst one is 4chan cause it’s just like— ‘fuckniggas’ hang out there. I mean like I be goin in on 4chan because it’s hilarious. They get so upset. Like honestly people will like send— someone will like email me a 4chan thread.


Email you a 4chan thread??

Seriously! Niggas will email me a link. Someone emailed me a link and I clicked it and it was just niggas talking about how they wanted to kill me. It was like JPEGMAFIA dead at 25. Somebody also sent me one where it was somebody on there acting like me. He was like “yeah man imma fuck your bitch bro you a cracker” I’m just like whatever. This is like a caricature of me. People think it’s me so I’m just like whatever. I want niggas to think it’s me because it’s easy work. I don’t have to do anything.

The best is probably like— I mean I haven’t been on this one in a while but I used to go on kanyetothe for a while. Kanyetothe is pretty good. I honestly used to just go on there and just— because they have a thread for covers like alternative album covers so i lowkey used to kinda just go in there and I would just look at some every now and then. I haven’t been on there in like a minute though. That’s probably the best one I’ve seen.


You’ve easily got some of the craziest references right now I’ll read some off and you can just give me what you were thinking/meant at the time when you wrote it

            “AR built like Lena Dunham when I shoot I don’t miss”

I’ve seen people like confused by that line but it just means I have a big ass gun. It’s a huge ass gun so it makes it easier to hit my target i don’t know why people— literally I’ve seen people tweet me like “what does this even mean” like you don’t get it? I have a huge gun— it’s big— it’s large. It’s big and it’s more deadly. And then Lena Dunham— I hate Lena Dunham. She’s like a fake liberal motherfucker. It’s like she’s lowkey a right winger but she’s like— she’s like undercover. She’s like a opp lowkey. She’s like an undercover right winger parading as a liberal.

              “Boy I’m draggin bodies like it’s metal gurr”

Oh yeah hell yeah. That’s just a slick line. I love metal gear. That’s like one of my favorite games yeah. Like when you drag the body into the locker and shit. I like that that’s probably like— where I wrote that shit and I was like yo that’s good. That shits hard.


Your music sounds like pretty much nothing out right now and Veteran is a mosaic of different ideas sonically. What are some major influences of yours music-wise or just in general?

Um Kanye is a big influence. Ghost in a Shell— the anime. I have a Ghost in a Shell tattoo actually. I have a lot of weird tattoos.


Did you hate the Scarlett Johansson remake?

Oh with Scarlett Johansson? I never watched it.


That’s probably a good idea.

Because I’ve like seen the original and I love it so much I can not watch a bastardized version of it. I might get high and watch it just for fun—
But yeah Kanye, Ghost in a Shell, Ice Cube— probably like my favorite rapper. Janet Jackson, motherfuckin Throbbing Gristle— I don’t know. Random shit. I listen to a lot of random shit— Cannibal Corpse.


How would you categorize your music as a porn category on Pornhub?

That’s funny as shit— as a porn category. Shit … Amateur BBC. No one has ever asked me a question that caught me off guard that I immediately knew the answer to.


So what’s the meaning behind the title “Black Ben Carson”?

Oh— I mean Ben Carson —he lives in Maryland. I mean— Nigga is wasting his melanin. He’s so smart but he’s dumb as shit. I lowkey feel like he’s trollin’. I lowkey felt like he was wasting his melanin so since he wants to be the white Ben Carson or like the republican Ben Carson, I’ll be the black Ben Carson— I’ll take over for you.


Speaking of republicans, what’s your favorite alt right conspiracy/false flag?

Probably when he said that the water was turning the frogs gay. That was so tight.


Who is your conservative news reporter spirit animal?

Bill Maher. He’s a right wing— yo he said the N-word, he hates Muslims. He was confident, he didn’t even flinch. He’s an edgy motherfucker— he said nigga. He hates Muslims— like he hates ‘em I don’t even know where it comes from. His top 2 favorite things are saying the N-word and hating Muslims. Then after he said the N-word he invited Ted Nugent onto the show who’s like a crazy right winger and then that pedophile dude, Milo whatever yiannopoulos came.

*now interrupted by some kid who crashed the interview*

Kid: Can I defend Milo—can I defend milo. He was the one that got fucked. Don’t get me wrong. He just handled his shit wrong that’s it. You know what I mean? He shouldn’t preach that. He shouldn’t preach it he just says it wrong.

JPEGMAFIA: He was on twitter. Remember when he did that shit with Leslie Jones? He got like a bunch of people on twitter to call her like a gorilla and shit. He got kicked off of twitter.

Kid: Yeah he’s an asshole really all I’m saying is, he’s a kid that got fucked and he’s handling it wrong. He’s like “oh my god he was in my ass now I gotta make it right” that’s what he does. Now he’s like now I gotta be the one to make him want to fuck me.

JPEGMAFIA: Oh my god he was in my ass now I gotta fix it. I do see where you come from not even gonna front. I read it— I just didn’t like Milo in general because he’s on some racist shit. And he gets on my nerves because he like says all this racist shit but then he’s like “I only let black men in my butt” like Nigga get the fuck outta my face is that supposed to make it better? Fuck you nigga. That’s literally fetishization! Like you’re clearly a racist but you only fuck niggas. C’mon yo.


What’s your relationship like with Myke C Town

He’s cool I text him every now and then. I met him in Atlanta— and he would not let me touch his hair. He was like don’t touch my hair. Nah he didn’t say that but I wanted to touch his hair but I was scared to ask this nigga to touch his hair. Yeah but he’s cool he’s very cool.


How much backlash have you received over your comments regarding death grips fans?

None like except for 4chan niggas they’ll just send me like an email or be in my comments— they’re just going to Instagram comments— for them like their response to that for me saying that, is them saying like MC Ride in my Instagram comments. Like they genuinely think i read that and I’m hurt. Like fuck you got me! Nigga I don’t give a fuck. No, but I haven’t really gotten any. The only backlash I’ve seen is like when Niggas send me a 4chan thread and they’re saying like “I wanna kill him.” So not really much.


So what’s next for JPEGMAFIA?

Country album. Garth Brooks cover album. Nah imma release an EP either late this year or early next year and it’s gonna be weird. It’s gonna be a country song on there for-real. And a Backstreet Boys cover. It’s gonna be fucked up.


What song?

I don’t wanna tell you— it’s gonna be interesting. I’ll send it to you.


So I read you have a masters of journalism?  As a masters of journalism how would you rate my interviewing skills?

Fantastic. I’ve had a blast. This is like the most fun interview I’ve had in a minute. Your questions are hard. Your questions are good— your questions are really good.

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