Pre-Pitchfork Fest 2018 Prep

This year, our festival attendees will be Sid (@fflowerdogg) and Mike (@mikedmachesky). Here are their pre-fest playlist:

“The playlist I have created here reflects the acts that i am personally most excited to see this weekend. Taking up a decent chunk of the list are tracks by Courtney Barnett and Fleet Foxes, two contrasting indie/alternative acts. Barnett’s powerful guitar riffs and the complete musical lineup of Fleet Foxes are too good to miss. Additionally, must-see acts like Lauryn Hill and Tame Impala have some of their bigger hits in the playlist. At the end are the smaller acts that I believe are very worthwhile to check out: Blood Orange, Japanese Breakfast, and Noname. Folks, if you need a half hour of lyrics to memorize to seem cool this weekend, this is it.”

Mike’s Playlist:


“The pre-P4kFest WIIT 2018 playlist curated by Sid focuses on music that is for “vibing” purposes while I ride my bicycle in the summer in Chicago, or for when I have to find music to edit videos. Most of the tracks are from bigger artists like DRAM, Tame Impala, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and Open Mike Eagle which are tracks to vibe to. I am interested in seeing them live to party with the crowd. However, music from artists like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Zola Jesus, and Kelly Lee Owens are mostly for feeling high, having fun with a group of stoners at the festival, and using the tracks in my videos as background music. I am excited to document the festival this weekend, get a little drunk, and get to interview a few artists with Mike.”

Sid’s Playlist:

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