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Nourished by Time graced Schubas this past Monday, captivating a sold-out crowd. The performance comes nearly a year after the release of his full-length album, “Erotic Problems 2.” This past spring, Marcus Brown, who recently signed to XL Recordings, released a five-song EP titled “Catching Chickens,” featuring what is arguably the most fitting intro verse of 2024: “I’m living the good life / ten minutes till midnight / Don’t eat till I’m faded / Still call my ex-girl when I go half-crazy / You know that’s still my baby.” We love a potentially messy king, right?

Photo by Cole Kincart

Nourished by Time, the Baltimore-based songwriter/producer, explores themes of existentialism, love, and consumerism. Brown recorded his 2023 debut, “Erotic Probiotic 2,” in his parents’ basement in Baltimore. In a musical landscape where bedroom pop, especially bedroom R&B, has somewhat become played out, Marcus Brown breathes fresh life into the genre. “Erotic Problems 2” feels authentic and brims with intense fervor, evoking nostalgia reminiscent of early Blood Orange or Solange tracks. The record is intricately layered and deeply cohesive, brimming with elements of 80s freestyle, subversive dance, and alternative pop, all while embracing a Prince-like jam. “Daddy” emerged as the album’s standout single, vividly portraying Brown’s relationship with a partner who leaves him for a full-time sugar daddy.

Reflecting on “Erotic Problems 2,” which made it to my “Best Albums of 2023” list, this album heavily accompanied my summer months, particularly during bike rides through Chicago. The setlist for the evening was perfect, featuring most of the tracks from his latest EP, including one of my favorite tracks and a strong contender for the song of the summer, “Hell of a Ride.” I was thrilled to hear “Shed That Fear” live, my favorite song of his.

Photos by Cole Kincart

The timing of this concert was perfect, as it coincided with the start of Chicago’s heat wave, with temperatures soaring upwards of 95 degrees. There’s an undeniable synergy between Marcus’s music and the sweltering summer atmosphere. Is it music to be sweaty to? I can’t fully confirm, but there is an ease to his beats and tempos that makes them very appealing during the summer months. There’s something about a Divvy ride with “Erotic Problems 2” in the earbuds that just hits differently, you know what I’m saying?

A standout moment was his solo take on “Romance in Me,” performed as a stripped-back track. This rendition highlighted the raw emotion and lyrical depth of the song, offering a moment of intimacy and reflection.

Photo by Cole Kincart

Nourished by Time’s performance at Schabas was a masterclass in intimacy and raw energy. The setlist, featuring tracks from both “Erotic Problems 2” and “Catching Chickens,” was perfectly curated, ensuring that every moment felt intentional and powerful. With the intense heatwave hitting Chicago, there was something fitting about the sweaty, almost feverish atmosphere in the venue, making the night feel even more alive. As I biked home with “Erotic Problems 2” playing in my earbuds, I couldn’t help but feel that this concert was a perfect soundtrack to the city’s summer heat, capturing both the intensity and the fleeting joy of the moment. As Ryan Beatty said, “summer’s over when I die.”

Photo by Cole Kincart

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