Pitchfork Fest 2019 Prep Playlists

This year, our festival attendees will be Narkis (@narkisanthony) and Ellen(@ellenmphillips). Here are their Pitchfork prep playlists:


My Pitchfork Fest playlist this year is really just a collection of my most anticipated artists at the fest, and what I believe to be a couple of their standout tracks. My playlist is somewhat skewed to the hip hop acts of the festival, as I believe Pitchfork this year (like most years) has put together one of the strongest hip hop lineups of the year. From ignorant innovators like Valee, to genre bending conscious raps from MIKE, Earl Sweatshirt, and JPEGMAFIA, this year’s hip hop acts have something for everyone. Outside of the realm of hip hop, i’m super excited to see some of my favorite indie acts like Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, Whitney, and Grapetooth, as well as experimental rockers Black Midi and soul/funk legends, The Isley Brothers. Many different sounds and personalities will be present at the festival, and i’m excited to be in the mix this year.



The playlist I put together for this year’s Pitchfork is a clusterfuck of songs i’m excited to hear this weekend. Some of the songs on this playlist are from artists I’ve known and loved for years, while others I’ve only just heard in my preparation for the festival. I gave up on the idea of trying to make a cohesive playlist because all of the artists i’m interested in seeing have completely different sounds. I mean, I’m just as excited to chill out to the nostalgia-inducing tunes from Whitney as I am to rage to one of my favorite gay icons, Charli XCX. Despite its lack of cohesion, I think this playlist is an accurate depiction of the wide variety of sounds i’ll be hearing this weekend.


This is WIIT’s “definitive” Pitchfork playlist. Here we’ve got all the artists represented, with some personalized picks from each:

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