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Photo taken by Ricardo Adame @ricardoeadame


Hailing from New York, Show Me The Body brings hardcore fans their latest studio album Trouble The Water. Incorporating elements of hardcore punk and alternative hip hop, Show Me The Body has brought the heat to every show on this tour. 

Show Me The Body’s World War Tour brought along Tripp Jones, Zulu, Scowl, and Jesus Piece. The line trailed outside of Chicago’s legendary venue, the Metro. I have been anticipating Zulu’s Chicago debut. Of course, they did not disappoint. I was front and center gleefully taking the edge of the pit 

Scowl always brings such a powerful punch as well. Unfortunately the vocalist faced a grotesque and uncomfortable proposal from a person in the audience requesting to “Marry me”. Do better! 

Jesus Piece’s recent releases come in anticipation of their second studio album …So Unknown. Aaron Heard, vocalist, mentioned how incredible it was to be on a tour that brought along so much diversity and inclusivity. I later mentioned this to Braxton Marcellous, guitarist from Zulu.

Show Me The Body rounded out the night of course. Julian Cashwan, vocalist, brought out the banjo which brought up waves of emotion throughout the audience. It was incredible to see the kind of audience participation that was encouraged at this show, especially at the Metro. There was also no barricade which was surprising and also allowed for easier access to stage dive. Once We Came To Play began I ran towards the center and knew how intense this crowd was going to go. It was incredible to say the least to feel such a great sense of belonging and community with others who were also enjoying the music. What I always love is the immediate recovery time that people have for each other as they rush to pick each other up. Intense moshing, stage diving, and banjo made this a night to remember.

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