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  • The Rapture @HouseofVans

    The Rapture @HouseofVans

    The Rapture @HouseofVans By @Nic.jwill @RichJacobs Rich Jacobs decorated House of Vans with blue lines and balloons. The scene reminded me of an ocean of balloons. In the middle of the venue stood a giant wave-like balloon structure. Throughout the show, balloons were tossed around and the crowd truly resembled an ocean of fans. @MrLukeJenner […]

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  • At Hope’s Ravine by Holy Esque

    This article originally appeared in TechNews Holy Esque is the kind of band that you find yourself forming an opinion of within the first verse you hear. Vocalist Pat Hynes has a growling, all-or-nothing presentation that grabs your attention whether you like it or not, contrasted against a ceaselessly loud and gritty, yet somehow equally […]

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  • Stickers

    Late last Fall, we took a trip up to the 5th floor of Main Building to dig through our old storage space, which includes this wonderful cabinet adorned with artist stickers covering approximately 1995-2005. If you look closely, you’ll find Radiohead, Archers of Loaf, and many other names that still have a ring to them […]

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