Lollapalooza, August 3-6th 2017

Review by Rob Waite and Derek Jones, hosts of Da’ Booth, airing weekly on Sunday

from 2 pm-5 pm on WIIT. 

Lollapalooza came in with a BANG! And left a lot of people
wet for more after the first day. As the lines staggered in there were threats
of storms being sent out, but this wasn’t going to stop the zealous fans of
Lolla! The festival kicked off with bands and DJs alike between their 8
different stages, with acts like Kweku Collins, Golf Clap, Declan McKenna, and
for the little ones, Lard Dog & The Band of Shy. As the crowds of Lolla
goers kept rolling in, so was the awaited storm. Performers Lorde, Lil Uzi
Vert, Porter Robinson, and Muse all took to stage not to disappoint their fans,
although the storm wouldn’t let up and the call was made to shut down for the
safety of everyone. Even though the grounds were being evacuated and all shows
were canceled thereafter, fans were determined to want to enter the festival
grounds. Fresh and Clean Media, security, and city officials did a wonderful
job clearing the grounds without any incident. After speaking with attendees,
the act that seemed to have the greatest buzz was Muse.

Day 2 of Lollapalooza: after a wet and muddy end to the first
of four days, the fans were not going to be stopped. Some areas of the park
were still wet and muddy, so what do people do when in the mud? “ENJOY IT”!

(That’s right, there were many fans wallowing and sliding
through the bogged grassy areas as well as the muddy ones. Hey, as long as
everyone is having a great time, and nobody’s getting hurt, I say, “DO IT”!)

You never know what to expect with festivals like these, and
you never know who you will see. While Jidenna was performing at the Grant Park
stage, Chief Keef made a surprising appearance singing along on stage and
getting the fans more pumped! While some fans were enjoying the feeling and the
Grant Park stage, many others were at Perry’s stage banging their heads to the
sounds of Slushii! No, I’m not talking about the cool refreshing icy drink; I’m
talking about the Hot DJ/Producer from Los Angeles. Overall, there were three
acts that were the rave of Day 2 of Lolla. Those were Blink 182, DJ Snake and
The Killers! “I think I heard more people talking about The Killers though,
just saying!”

Come day 3, the air began to warm up and the fans even more
so. Lolla was filling fast as many wanted to see Nathan Scott and Flint
Eastwood! The day was filled with much excitement and happy people but again
there were two names that rang out from the fans the most, they were 21 Savage
and Chance The Rapper! Not only were these shows awesome, they kept the fans
wanting more!

Final day of the event, many wished this wasn’t stopping as
the end draws near, but the energy was still flowing and helping keep the
energy high were acts like Boogie T and Dirty Audio!

Lil Yachty and Big Sean had crowds moving both their way in
the afternoon as the vibe was kept alive, but Zeds Dead was the big ender
according to the fans.

So Lollapalooza comes to another end in Chicago, and we can’t
wait to see who is on the lineup for 2018, who knows maybe you’ll see DJ’s RTW
and Derek Smokin’ Jones on their stage!

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