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The line stretched down 18th and curved around Racine St. Laufey’s first night here in Chicago and 9th stop on her Bewitched Tour stop at Thalia Hall. Laufey’s aptly titled Bewitched celebrates the feeling of love, whether about life or loving someone in particular. Laufey reintroduces something that was always there… Jazz. She has reinvented this web of modern jazz in her own way. “It was enchanting”, as my brother puts it. He has fallen in love with jazz, and by default has adored Laufey, and rightfully so. He was ecstatic to know that I would be taking him with me. 

The stage was set with lights and beautiful twinkly stars as the background. This was the first time that I had seen a string quartet take the stage. Laufey brought along opener, Adam Melchor, who played guitar on some of her tracks. The best part of the night was discovering just how talented she was. She strutted across the stage in a wonderful silver sequin skirt. From instrument to instrument her skirt reflected the lights, dazzling the audience with her talent. 

She played many of the fan favorites. The use of the string quartet blended so well. Especially during the track “Let You Break My Heart Again”. “From The Start” was a song that got everyone moving. It was her last song of the night. As the song came to an end the fans knew. Chats of an encore began and out came Laufey. She played two more songs. She prefaced her last song by saying “I want to play a song that only this show gets”. And with that, she began her cover of “Misty” by Erroll Garner.

Laufey has crafted this experience into something magical, mesmerizing in fact. Additionally, her voice covers you in warm blanket fresh out of the dryer. This feeling is something special especially when you are singing about love. Then there is this waterfall of emotions that rushes through your mind as you hear her sing “There’s no one else I’d rather fall in love with” from her song “Best Friend”. This song made me tear up ever so slightly. Her ability to blend bedroom pop and modern jazz has brought together a wonderful community of new listeners around the world. 

The Bewitched tour continues across the US and is sold out completely. It was a treat to be a part of something this magical and see Laufey take the stage and display her talents. I cannot stress enough how simply mystifying this tour was. Embrace the sad love songs and the happy ones too, as Laufey’s talents only come around sparingly.

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