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Despite her midwest roots, Detroit-based musician Ally Evenson’s music is anything but polite and reserved. The intensely honest lyrics, detailing past relationships and mental health struggles, leave Evenson exposed and vulnerable. “I’m going to play you some mentally ill songs” she opened, evoking cheers of empathy from the crowd. 

Under the lights of Chicago’s iconic Metro theater, Ally Evenson infused the crowd with a raw, vulnerable energy in preparation for following acts Quinnie and The Japanese House. With such exciting acts to follow, Evenson had big shoes to fill, but she did so with elegance and a touch of Midwestern charm. 

Photo by Cole Kincart

This mini tour for Evenson (playing shows in Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto) is a rare chance for fans to see her. For the past couple months, she has been off the map, working on “mental health and music” (Ally Evenson via Instagram). Prior to this break, she released an EP entitled “In My Dreams, You Laugh At Me”, a collection of all of her work to date as well as a few new songs. 

With no band joining her onstage, fans were able to hear more stripped down versions of some of classics. The strength of her vocals and her clear musical talent were the highlight of the show– at one point even tuning her guitar by ear. Painting each note with a precision that can only be trained, Evenson skillfully wove through the melodies of anthems such as “Bite My Tongue” about a past relationship, “I Can’t Feel (My Body)” about dissociating, and “Good Morning, Al” a love letter to herself. 

Photo by Cole Kincart

All said, Ally Evenson’s was nothing less of authentic and captivating. As the connection between her and her fans grew song between each song, her set kicked off what turned into an amazing night. The mini tour not only highlighted her resilience and exceptional songwriting skills but also provided fans with a unique chance to experience Ally Evenson in her most genuine and vulnerable form, creating a truly perfect evening.

Check out Ally Evenson’s latest EP ”In My Dreams, You Laugh At Me”  on streaming services!

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    Janine Murphy

    Thanks for this wonderful tribute to this amazing young artist!

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