Lunar Vacation @ Subterranean


Coming from Georgia, Lunar Vacation kicks off their fall tour supporting Manchester Orchestra here in Chicago at the Subterranean. They had the local Girl K open for them and set them up for a wonderful 60 minutes of pure bliss. 

I have a soft spot for indie music and here Lunar Vacation has not disappointed with their recent EP Fig Demos released on the 28th of October, which follows the full-length debut album released around the same time in 2021 Inside Every Fig is a Dead Wasp. Grace, aka Gep, was kind and the way they approached the stage and interacted with the rest of Lunar Vacation while performing was an interesting blend of charismatic and exciting energy. I, unfortunately, missed the opportunity to get a setlist from Gep who gave it to another close fan nearby. I recognized “Peddler” and “Cutting Corners” which fans seemed to know well

The energy of the crowd was just as amazing. People nearby were enjoying the music and happily swaying and dancing along. The venue was cozy and fit with Lunar Vacation perfectly. It was an excellent choice as well as Gep had mentioned that they had played in the basement and were opening for Beach Bunny.

Coming straight out of high school Lunar Vacation released two demos all on their own coming with the addition of Matteo on synth/keys and Connor on drums. Gep and Maggie have been friends since the inception of Lunar Vacation and you can tell. From the way that they interact with each other on stage and the way that they work together while both on guitar flows seamlessly.

Lunar Vacation was an experience and I would love to see them come back to Chicago. Their next stop is in Memphis, Tennessee supporting Manchester Orchestra. I highly encourage you to catch Lunar Vacation on this fall tour as they are a treat that would hurt to miss. 

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