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  • WIIT Black History Month Spotlights

    Happy Black History Month! Help us celebrate the accomplishments  Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco is the professional name of award winning rapper and producer Wasalu Jaco. Growing up in the West Side of Chicago, Lupe Fiasco got into rapping from an early age, rapping poems as early as 8th grade. He rejected the vulgarity of hip…

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  • feature friday, 02/02

    feature friday, 02/02

    Needing some new music on this sunny Chicago Friday? Here’s what our Exec Board is listening to this week! “Shatter”, from Surrender – Maggie Rogers For: people who love the freeness of the city, amazing production and vocals. – Tamar Agam and Tori Aspurez “Shake Appeal”, Iggy & The Stooges For: doing a little dance and…

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  • Music Recommendation- Willie Bradley

    Music Recommendation- Willie Bradley

    Written by DJ Travis Morris of ‘The Breeze’ “The Trumpeter with Heart in Soul” Willie Bradley is a native of Orangeburg, SC and a South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC where he earned his BS degree in Music Education and Performance. Willie’s trumpet style has garnered him the respect of musicians (Soul and Jazz) alike.…

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  • Find your frequency @ WIIT 88.9 FM

    Find your frequency @ WIIT 88.9 FM

    Written by @amelia.moseman for Tech News August 2023 “Since the dissipation of power is proportional to the square of the current, it may be considered to be caused by an equivalent or effective resistance which is called the radiation resistance of an antenna. Thus the radiation resistance of an antenna is that resistance which is…

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  • To Learn- Leith Ross

    To Learn- Leith Ross

    @amelia.moseman Having missed the Minneapolis stop of “The First Leith Ross Tour Ever” on June 14th, I decided I would have to supplement by writing an album review. It’s been almost a month since To Learn, the sophomore album from Winnipeg based folk artist Leith Ross came out (release date May 19, 2023), so I’ve…

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  • The Rapture @HouseofVans

    The Rapture @HouseofVans

    The Rapture @HouseofVans By @Nic.jwill @RichJacobs Rich Jacobs decorated House of Vans with blue lines and balloons. The scene reminded me of an ocean of balloons. In the middle of the venue stood a giant wave-like balloon structure. Throughout the show, balloons were tossed around and the crowd truly resembled an ocean of fans. @MrLukeJenner…

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  • Party WIIT @Anderson.Paak @HouseofVans

    Party WIIT @Anderson.Paak @HouseofVans

    Nic (@Nic.jwill) A night to remember as House of Vans hosts Anderson.Paak  @DeweySaunders Before anyone graced the House of Vans stage art installations by Dewey Saunders greeted guests. Orange, blue, green, and yellow posters screamed take me home a put me on your wall and many concert-goers obliged. House of Vans itself is a piece…

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  • Party Wiit Vans @HouseofVans

    Party Wiit Vans @HouseofVans

    Nic (@Nic.jwill) On West Randolph Street you can find House of Vans Chicago the home of creativity and Vans House Parties. For Music This summer House of Vans has put together an electric lineup of artists curating nights for free. You can RSVP for free on the Vans website about a week before each event.…

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  • Pitchfork Festival 2018

    As a precursor to this review, here are what our volunteer attendees expected when going to the festival: Sid was more focused on the vibe of the show, while Mike was more concerned with how the artists sounded. Sid (@fflowerdogg) Before going to Pitchfork Fest at Union Park, I planned on focusing on a few…

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  • Pre-Pitchfork Fest 2018 Prep

    This year, our festival attendees will be Sid (@fflowerdogg) and Mike (@mikedmachesky). Here are their pre-fest playlist: Mike:“The playlist I have created here reflects the acts that i am personally most excited to see this weekend. Taking up a decent chunk of the list are tracks by Courtney Barnett and Fleet Foxes, two contrasting indie/alternative…

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  • Mister Heavenly @ Lincoln Hall

    I don’t know if I could tell what the best part of the concert was. Whether it was when the singer ordered a bowl of tater tots and passed it around the audience, when they convinced everyone but one man to stay quiet after a song, so that when the song ended there was only…

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  • Pacifico @ elbo Room

    The first thing you’ll see when you open Pacifico’s website (, aside from the anticipated ad for their new album, is the phrase “Pacifico is not a band. It’s an idea“. Actually, this is more than just a phrase for the band, it’s the motto, the whole motivation behind its music and performances. Pacifico is…

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