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  • for King and Country Interview

    By Roxanne Dubose, Voices of Virtue Have you ever CRAVEd* to Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.*? [[Cue epic battle background music;)]] Well, do it! That kind of freedom is #Priceless*, right! So,just do it! Don’t be shy, Burn the Ships*, onward and forward, and don’t look back! Right?! What Are We Waiting For?*! Well, […]

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  • An interview with Abby Kimball

    An interview by Theo Guidroz (@theo_gdz) at WIIT Q: So Abby, introduce yourself. Abby – Hey, I’m Abby Kimball. I write and sing some songs. I live two hours south of Chicago in normal and I’m attending the University of Missouri.   Q: Do you just record songs as a hobby? Abby – Um, I’d say […]

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  • An interview with Way To Go Radio

    An interview by Sam Blanchard (@mantha.maee) at WIIT   Sam: I’m here with Tom and Dave the brothers of Way To Go Radio. Thank you guys so much for coming on the show today.  Q: What was the inspiration for Way to Go Radio’s style? Can you guys talk a little about your musical influences? […]

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  • An Interview with Beach Goons

    An interview by Narkis Anthony Garcia III (@narkisanthony) at RiotFest 2018 Q: How you guys been enjoying Riot fest? Pablo: Lovin’ it! Q: See anyone cool yet? Pablo: Ah no! We’ve been in the back the entire time so we haven’t been running around too much. Q: Cause I know one of you mentioned GWAR in […]

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  • An Interview with JPEGMAFIA

    Q: Tomi Lahren? She’s a racist bitch who used to not have eyebrows. So I don’t know what else to say about her. She’s one of these people that are so full of shit and people know that she’s just shouting into the dark now. Q: You’ve lived in New York, Tokyo, Alabama, Baltimore, etc. […]

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  • Daniel Knox Interview

    danielknox “I see my music as an extension of film.” – Daniel Knox In anticipation of this weekend’s on-campus concert with the unique singer-songwriter Daniel Knox, listen to this 2015 interview with Soren Spicknall of Faded Frequency, recorded for now-defunct WIIT radio show No Hits Allowed.

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