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    @colekincart “What did we just witness?” As we left the smoke-ridden Lincoln Hall, my friend Jason turned to me and said those exact words. It’s not often you leave a concert scratching your head. The intensity of the confusion and potent emotion seemed to overpower the typical casual, lighthearted feelings after leaving a show. For…

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    @colekincart @genna__gee In order for a concert for an artist to have the best live-show experience possible, there’s several things that must be taken into account. Whether it is crafting the right setlist, generating the right energy, or not holding back, Indigo De Souza was able to get it all done.  Still riding the wave…

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    @amelia.moseman @genna__gee Loony was a production. We were absolutely ecstatic to go to our first show for WIIT and let’s just say the night did not disappoint. Before Loony came on, Ebony Loren opened the show. She’s a local artist that has accumulated a growing fan base thanks to TikTok. Ebony was supported by a…

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  • Pitchfork Music Festival 2021

    Pitchfork Music Festival 2021

    @mantha.maee Pitchfork Music Festival has a sense of dualism that fits in a way I never would have expected. You have the quintessential midwest hospitality with cicadas screeching, ice cold lemonade shandys, and indie boys. Then you have the head banging-mosh pitting-Sear’s Towering-helicopter droning-urban grunge. The music has the same sense of dualism, with vibey…

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  • Dayglow @ Schubas Tavern

    Dayglow @ Schubas Tavern

    @mantha.maee I’d heard Dayglow a few times before, and can tell they’re pretty up and coming in the indie/alt world. When I saw they were having a show at Schubas Tavern, I knew it was gonna be a good one. Dayglow is a pretty young band, but one of those bands with a cool sound…

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  • Carl Cox @ Radius

    Carl Cox @ Radius

    By @theo_gdz As a techno enthusiast, I was really excited to see the king himself perform in Chicago. To add to the hype, Carl Cox (@carlcoxofficial) was performing at Radius, a new venue that opened a week before his show. To make the most of the night, I decided to get to the venue before…

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  • North Coast Music Festival 2019

    “North Coast celebrated its tenth birthday with EDM heavyweights like Bassnectar, Flux Pavilion and Major Lazer”   2019 marked the 10-year anniversary of Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival, which I found to be impressive considering the city’s increasingly saturated music festival scene. My personal theory for the longevity of the fest is its position for…

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  • Lollapalooza 2019

    Lollapalooza 2019

    Lollapalooza is, without a doubt, the biggest music festival in Chicago, and one of the biggest in the world, and instead of each year jealously watching concertgoers see their favorite artists live, eat amazing food, and be very, very drunk, we were grateful enough to have the opportunity to cover the festival! In order to…

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  • The Rapture @HouseofVans

    The Rapture @HouseofVans

    The Rapture @HouseofVans By @Nic.jwill @RichJacobs Rich Jacobs decorated House of Vans with blue lines and balloons. The scene reminded me of an ocean of balloons. In the middle of the venue stood a giant wave-like balloon structure. Throughout the show, balloons were tossed around and the crowd truly resembled an ocean of fans. @MrLukeJenner…

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  • Party WIIT @Anderson.Paak @HouseofVans

    Party WIIT @Anderson.Paak @HouseofVans

    Nic (@Nic.jwill) A night to remember as House of Vans hosts Anderson.Paak  @DeweySaunders Before anyone graced the House of Vans stage art installations by Dewey Saunders greeted guests. Orange, blue, green, and yellow posters screamed take me home a put me on your wall and many concert-goers obliged. House of Vans itself is a piece…

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  • Pitchfork Festival 2019

    Pitchfork Festival 2019

    If you haven’t checked out our pre-Pitchfork prep coverage, you can check that out here. Day 1   MIKE “Thanks CTA!”   Narkis: MIKE was a great way to kick off the festival, even though it was unbearably hot at the festival. MIKE commanded the crowd, playing mostly from his albums War in My Pen…

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  • Party Wiit Vans @HouseofVans

    Party Wiit Vans @HouseofVans

    Nic (@Nic.jwill) On West Randolph Street you can find House of Vans Chicago the home of creativity and Vans House Parties. For Music This summer House of Vans has put together an electric lineup of artists curating nights for free. You can RSVP for free on the Vans website about a week before each event.…

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