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Molehill’s Tour Dates and New Video

December 4th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

The ever fabulous Molehill will be performing at the Double Door this Saturday December 5th at 7:30pm CST with Hidden Hospitals, The Wet Darlings, Winkler Mill, and Stoop Goodnoise.

Molehill has also JUST released a new music video called Two Souls which can be viewed below.

Two Souls

The Release of Tin God, Molehill’s next album:

Chicago’s Molehill doesn’t have the classic, charming origin story of longtime friends chasing down the spirit of rock in a suburban garage. Rather, the hand of fate drew the members into the path of lead singer and primary songwriter Peter Manhart from backgrounds one wouldn’t normally associate with soaring, anthemic pop rock; Trevor Jones, a classical upright bass player with a penchant for distortion, Devin Staples, a drummer in the venerable Chicago gospel circuit, and Greg Van Zuiden – a classical pianist who had only performed solo in the past. In fact, Manhart himself developed his love for performance in a touring Ukrainian dance troupe in his youth.

After the release of Equinox the band kept writing new music and playing shows – adding over 100 performances to their tour history in the first year alone. When it came time to work on their follow up release they turned to producer J. Hall and his Nashville, TN studio. Hall shares a studio with Dolly Parton’s producer, and the band found that “what better inspiration than seeing all of Dolly’s gold and platinum records hanging on the wall while making ours.”

Tin God, like Equinox before it, is an album composed of epic, passionate, dynamic rock songs. However, more than a continuation of the bands previous sound, Tin God is an evolution from it. Tin God has more funk, more soul, and more vulnerability than its predecessor. With Equinox, they were getting comfortable in their skin. With Tin God, they’re moving beyond their comfort zone, stretching and shaping their sound to see how far it can go.

Each of the songs on Tin God tells a story colored by Manhart’s own experiences in love, death, greed, and corporate America (his day job was trading crude oil futures at the Chicago Board of Trade.) From the So-Cal subterranean funk of opener “The Repeating,” to the ambient synth and rhythm driven propulsion of the title track, this record finds the band moving into new sonic territory. Exercises in simple production run throughout Tin God as well. “We wanted to take listeners on a journey throughout the course of a song” says Van Zuiden. “Two Souls” features a simple piano line complemented by strings and subtle (but eventually powerful) rhythm tracks. Manhart tells a story of two lovers who are being separated, but who will eventually be reunited in this life or the next. The theme of lost love also runs throughout the closing song “Ghost Town.” In the aftermath of a failed relationship, one ex-lover cries to another, “lay your weapons down, no need to fight in this ghost town.”

Tin God touches the darker side of the universal; struggle, greed, corruption, love, heartbreak. Jones adds, “as we began to record these songs, it became clear that the themes and subject matter are close to every member of the band on a personal level, and each of us has a deep connection to this group of songs.” It stands as a musical reminder that no matter what challenges one might be facing, someone has been there before and they aren’t alone; these are all parts of the human experience, and through perseverance you can rise above and climb whatever mountain stands before you.

Tin God will be released worldwide on February 10th, 2015.

Click the link for more information about Molehill and be sure to catch them at Double Door this Saturday!

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Phil Angotti to visit Midday with K

November 18th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

Join Midday with K today for a live interview with Phil Angotti! Phill will be releasing a new LP of greatest hits and fan favorites plus three new tracks due out early next year and he is currently writing songs for a brand new album set to release Summer 2016. Stay tuned for more information!

Upcoming Shows
Thursday November 19th – Phil and Tony Richards at “Davneports Piano Bar” 1383 N. Milwaukee Ave 8pm
Thursday December 3rd – Phil and Rachel Drew at “Wishbone” 3300 N. Lincoln 8pm
Friday December 11th – Phil (with Casey Scott and Matt, the WHATFOUR) perform Beatles Rubber Soul- at Fitzgerald’s 6615 Roosevelt Rd. Berwyn, IL 9pm


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Def Dasm on Midday with K

November 10th, 2015 by kristengogol · 1 Comment

Join Midday with K this Wednesday at 5:30pm CST for a live interview with Def Dasm on WIIT 88.9FM streaming live at radio.iit.edu or find us on TuneIn. Def Dasm is a Chicago native and no stranger to the house game. His music career started out working at B-Sides Record store. He later went on to become the manager at Mix-A-lots Record store and also worked at Superdance Record Store.

Def Dasm is a DJ, Remixer and Producer. He plays and produces a variety of genres of music ranging from Instrumental Hip-Hop, Downtempo,Techno, Jack, Latin,Tec-House and House. He has had releases on Tru Musica, Distorted Muzik, Look At You Records, Phunk Junk Records, Toxic Recordings and Gods Of Madness.

Def Dasm doesn’t stick to one genre. He doesn’t believe in genres. He believes that music is an expression of ones self. Something that comes from your soul. You should always express yourself without borders or genres. Do what you feel is right. Make sure to catch one of his DJ sets on his monthly podcast available on Mixcloud.

Thank you for all the support.

“If you never tried then you never really had a chance.”


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Dead Lucid on Midday with K

October 20th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

Dead Lucid will be on Midday with K this Wednesday at 5:30pm CST for a live interview and performance on WIIT 88.9FM Chicago streaming live at radio.iit.edu or find us on TuneIn.  Dead Lucid is a three-piece Chicago based psychedelic rock band that combines elements of blues, jazz, folk, and rock into a cohesive and complex package. Citing a range of influences from the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin to Tame Impala, they boast a style that feels ethereal yet accessible. Following a recent string of exciting shows at some of the biggest venues in Chicago including Reggie’s Rock Club, Bottom Lounge, and the House of Blues, Dead Lucid has opted to spend some time in the studio, exploring new ideas for the future.

Band members:

Jon Grammer – Lead Guitarist/Singer

Ryan Rhodes – Bass

Alejandro DiPrizio – Drums

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The Most Hated Mix on Midday with K

October 20th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

Be sure to tune in to Midday with K on WIIT 88.9FM Chicago every Wednesday at 5pm CST for The Most Hated Mix by DJ Pirate Bam

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Classical Blast on Midday with K

October 20th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

Join Midday with K this Wednesday for a live interview and performance by Classical Blast at 4:30pm CST on WIIT 88.9FM Chicago streaming live at radio.iit.edu or find us on TuneIn.

Many folks have said it’s time for a “new” Cubs song. Like most Cub fans the members of Chicago band, Classical Blast, happen to like Steve Goodman’s “Go Cubs Go.” They thought it just needed a bit of updating, to go along with the new Wrigley Field and new Cubs team. Their version has gotten over 12,000 listens on their Facebook page since the National League Playoffs began.

Earlier this year, the band was invited back to Wrigley Field to perform their “classical rock”‘ version of the National Anthem. They were personally invited to perform at Wrigley by Cubs owner, Tom Ricketts, last year after he saw them perform at a local pub. It was his suggestion they create an acoustic rock version of the Anthem. Following that experience, the band decided to release a “Cubs Tribute” EP on the Toucan Cove Label, which signed them to a deal in late 2014. Their “All American Cubs” EP includes their version of the Anthem, a version of America the Beautiful (at the suggestion of Cubs head usher, Darryl Windle) and a remake of “Go Cubs Go.”

Classical Blast consists of 5 band members, Petar Kecenovici, cello; Jimmy Chaos, violin; David Kav, acoustic guitar/vocals; Bill Syniar, bass; Dave Kelly, drums/vocals. The band released a new album, their 2nd, earlier in Sept, 2015, also on the Toucan Cove/ Universal label (Seattle.) The album, Metamorphosis, features classic rock music mashed with popular classical pieces.

To hear and download their version of Go Cubs Go:


Tour Dates:
Fri, 11/6, 9pm  Grand Victoria Casino, Elgin
Fri, 11/13, 9pm  Docks Bar & Grill, Wauconda
Sat, 11/14, 8pm  Carlucci’s, Downers Grove
Fri, 11/20, 9pm  Q-Bar, Darien
Sat, 11/21, 9pm  Angry Bros Pub, Racine, WI
Sat, 11/28, 1:30pm  Blue Chip Casino, Michigan City, IN
Sun, 11/29, 6pm  Morton Arboretum Illuminations Lisle, IL

Go Cubs Go

Creep (by Radiohead) mashed with Ave Maria and Bach’s Cello Suite

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Jeffery Austin from The Voice Season 9 on Midday with K

October 20th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

Age: 24
Chicago, IL

Join us this Wednesday at 4pm for a live interview and performance on Midday with K WIIT 88.9FM Chicago streaming live at radio.iit.edu or find us on TuneIn.  After Jeffery’s father passed away when he was nine years old, Jeffery grew up with his mom, grandparents and brother. During that time, with his grandparents influence, Jeffery pursued music in high school and auditioned for all the school musicals. At 16, with the support of his family, Jeffery came out after years of trying to hide his sexuality. Despite wanting to study music in college, his mom preferred that he take a more stable course. Jeffery majored in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising. He now works at a Public Relations firm in New York, but is still itching to do music full time.

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Mark Hood from The Voice Season 9 on Midday with K

October 13th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

Mark Hood, 24 from Chicago, IL landed a spot on Team Pharrell on Season 9 of The Voice and will now be on the Midday with K show this Wednesday October 14, 2015 at 5:30pm CST for a live interview streaming live at radio.iit.edu or you can find us on TuneIn.

Mark comes from an eclectic background. He was heavily involved at his church as a child, as his father was a pastor and his mother taught gospel choir. When he wasn’t leading the choir at his school, he worked as the vice president of the Future Farmers of America. Now, Mark works as an actor and has had guest spots on major network television shows. Despite his wide variety of interests, music is Mark’s greatest passion. He’s hoping The Voice will help him prove to himself that singing is his true calling.


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Wheat Paste Viaducts to visit Midday with K

October 9th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

Wheat Paste Viaducts (or, simply, “Wheat Paste”) is as much a directive as it is the name of this Chicago-style live PA electronic trio. Using art to confront the City’s segregation, its causes, and symptoms, Wheat Paste sparsely layers rousting dub rants and poignant verses over pulsing, textured soundscapes. Wheat Paste sonically portrays an urban dystopia beautified by radical acts of creativity. Deftly navigating improvisation and arrangement, Wheat Paste’s evocative compositions shift and unfold with the militant dexterity of free jazz, inducing head-nods with the razor-sharp gravity of boom bap or trip-hop. Modular synth programmer, Spacemod, develops moods and melodies with analog synthesizers; dub poet, Keter Darker, drives changes and breaks with digital and analog samplers; and rhythm-griot, Aye-Cue, anchors grooves with rap chants, drum machines, and acoustic percussion. Additionally, Aye-Cue and Keter use vocal effects rigs to emphasize lyrics, stir the emotions of listeners, and encourage them to wander through their beautiful city.

Wheat Paste on Facebook
Wheat Paste on Soundcloud

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Alex Castaneda to visit Midday with K

October 6th, 2015 by kristengogol · No Comments

Alex Castaneda was fortunate to grow up in Chicago around numerous musical influences. Although neither of his parents are musically trained, he remembers his English mother driving with ’60s rock on the radio while his Mexican father would jam to all types of Latin grooves. He vividly remembers his father beginning to learn classical guitar and relentlessly practicing. It wasn’t long before Alex also picked up the instrument. With his father’s efforts in mind, he learnt at a young age the importance of dedication. His passion led him to styles as diverse as Hendrix and House, finding worthwhile elements in each.

One of his most influential experiences was a trip to England in the early ’90s. There, Alex found a world-class underground scene and absorbed the music around him, ranging from Drum & Bass to Techno and everything in between. On returning to Chicago, he gravitated to its own underground scene and felt the need to make music. He would endlessly study tracks within mixes and began learning how to use sequencers.

His many influences have driven him to expand his musical range and focus on creating his own tracks. His determination to perfect his craft has led him to work closely with the highly experienced San Francisco producers, Chris Lum and Homero Espinosa of Moulton Music, and Jamie Carter of CarterCo Recording in Chicago. In response to questions about his creative process, Alex says, “I’m in love with turning silence into sound, nothing into something. Hopefully, people will feel that it’s a good something.” Armed with a guitar and a notebook, Alex Castaneda is on a continual quest to give form to the sounds he hears in his mind.


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