Guest Host Michael Riser on Midday with K

Please join us in welcoming Michael Riser of the Rising Stars Show and Traffic Friends on Midday with K today between 4-6pm. Today Michael will be bringing some very talented friends to perform and talk music. The following guests will be:

JIP – Established in 2001

The Chicagoland band JIP continues on into 2014 with their new full length album Last Call. Last Call is indie alternative rock record with a smile. This record is a statement to enjoy the moment, press on, and embrace was makes you happy.

JIP is Jim Gwynn (Vocals / Guitar), Spencer Watson (Guitar / Vocals), and Mike Charbonneau (Drums / Percussion). Last Call was brewed in Chicago Illinois at Million Yen Studios with Producer Andy Gerber (Local H / Tossers). Last Call is the third studio album from the band since 2010 (Year X in 2010 / Sparks, Flames & Names in 2012).

JIP has established a sound and place in the Chicago Music Scene while playing some of the greatest Chicago music venues including: Metro Chicago, Double Door, Cubby Bear, Hard Rock Chicago, Subterranean, and many others. JIP has collaborated with many artists on their current and past albums including Grammy Winner Buick Audra, Grammy Winner Anand Bhatt, Grammy Nominated Tracy Bonham, Stubhy Pandav, Joanna Stanielun, Nickolas Blazina, Jess Godwin, Rachel McClusky, and Shaun Hague.

JIP will be actively touring in 2014 in pursuit to get Last Call in your hands. See you soon!

(Jim from JIP is sponsored by Breedlove Acoustic Guitars & Steve Clayton Guitar Picks)

Vanessa E

As a kid I was content to sing on my own and make up songs and as a teenager I started going to see live bands. I always loved watching the guitarists play and was inspired to learn guitar and get in a band. At age fifteen I fell in love with a cobalt blue Kramer electric guitar and put it on lay away. Shortly after paying it off and a few guitar lessons, I joined a band with some friends in high school. A few years later I moved from New Mexico back to Chicago and joined an all girl hard rock band and became the lead guitarist. We were an all original band playing lots of clubs and trying to get a record deal. We had a lot of fun and local success but after awhile I decided to take a break.

After leaving the band, I began to write songs and record them with the help and talents of my husband Greg. My first CD, “Fields and Gardens” was the compilation of these songs. Soon after, we put a band together and were very lucky to enlist incredibly talented musicians. We started to perform at coffee houses, festivals, churches, and outdoor events! Meanwhile my husband Greg was continually learning all he could about recording and built a home recording studio. I can’t tell you how super it is to have a husband who records, plays guitar, and writes!

Currently, I’m writing and recording for my fourth full length CD release. Since I love to write songs, I am also working on writing and co-writing for other artists and projects. I love to write about relationships, faith, real life struggles, overcoming, and whatever else I am experiencing at the time! Some are diaries of my own life in progress and others are my observations. My passion is to write from the heart in hopes that it will speak to the hearts of those who listen!

Mike Felten

Mike has been on one long tour all over the United States 60-100 roots/blues shows a year.

He defines the word “troubadour”. A singer/song-writer with three albums to his credit and a lot of living behind him.

Some have taken to calling him a legend. He just calls himself a “Johnny Lunchbucket”.

Mike has been playing since the 1960’s. That’s right. A veteran of rock, country and blues bands. Mike sat in Muddy Waters bedroom, had Buddy Guy show him around the blues clubs where Willie Dixon, Junior Wells and Mighty Joe Young among others were hanging out, played folk gigs at places like the Fifth Peg and Orphans in Chicago, alongside guys like Steve Goodman & John Prine.
In 2013 Mike continues his never ending tour playing over 80 dates a year from sold out shows in New York City to raucous country clubs in Dallas playing for neo-punks , evangelical Christians and everyone who would listen for a moment or two. Mike is happy to play in your living room, concert hall, saloon, coffee shop or the back of your flat bed truck.

He is the “Real Deal” -according to the Illinois Entertainer.

Folkways legend, Bob Everhart tells us that “Woody Guthrie would’ve been proud” of what Mike is doing. Hope you’ll agree and check him out real soon

Mike has been playing since the 1960’s. A veteran of rock, country and blues bands. Mike sat in Muddy Waters bedroom, had Buddy Guy show him around the blues clubs where Willie Dixon, Junior Wells and Mighty Joe Young among others were hanging out.

He founded the Record Emporium in 1979, had stores in three states and sold music continually until 2012.

The 1980’s saw Mike in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan living on a farm and playing with country rock cover bands until guys like Pete Seeger and Utah Phillips discovered Mike’s folkier/political side. He played the 75th Anniversary of the I.W.W. and places like the Hiawatha Folk Festival, Rhinelander Festival and Pike Lake.

Returning to Chicago in the 1990’s , Mike found work playing heavy metal bass in a band called Lobotomy. Played some roots rock with the Redones and, coming full circle, settled into a weekly blues gig with Bellyful of Soul where guys like Pinetop Perkins, Roosevelt ‘Booba’ Barnes, Pete Myers, or Dancin’ Perkins were likely to sit in.

Finally in 2002, Mike, tired of ‘playing rhythm guitar behind Jesus’ booked some time at Acme Studio and recorded the critically acclaimed ‘Landfill’ with Devin Davis engineering.

In 2007, After a couple of surgeries and some rehab on a bad knee, Mike went in the studio again for “Tosssin’ It Away”. With BILL GLAHN producing, Mike laid down the basic tracks at LOU WHITNEY’s (Skeletons, Morells) studio in Springfield, MO. He took the rough tracks up to Third Ear Studio in Minneapolis where TOM HERBERS (Jayhawks, Low, Replacements) engineered sessions with JOHN ELLER and DAVE BOQUIST of SON VOLT adding multi-instruments. The entire album was mixed back at THE STUDIO in Springfield,MO and mastered with RANDY KLING (Waylon Jennings, Elvis Presley, Alice Cooper) down in Nashville.

In 2013 Mike released AKA Johnny Lunchbucket, reuniting him with old friends and former roomies RANDY MURRAY and NORM MURRAY with VICTOR SANDERS at the board.

2014 has a live album release, No 2nd Rides and a new studio album nearing completion.

He is always looking for an opportunity to share a song, knowing that music is his way of life.

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