Wheat Paste Viaducts to visit Midday with K

Wheat Paste Viaducts (or, simply, “Wheat Paste”) is as much a directive as it is the name of this Chicago-style live PA electronic trio. Using art to confront the City’s segregation, its causes, and symptoms, Wheat Paste sparsely layers rousting dub rants and poignant verses over pulsing, textured soundscapes. Wheat Paste sonically portrays an urban dystopia beautified by radical acts of creativity. Deftly navigating improvisation and arrangement, Wheat Paste’s evocative compositions shift and unfold with the militant dexterity of free jazz, inducing head-nods with the razor-sharp gravity of boom bap or trip-hop. Modular synth programmer, Spacemod, develops moods and melodies with analog synthesizers; dub poet, Keter Darker, drives changes and breaks with digital and analog samplers; and rhythm-griot, Aye-Cue, anchors grooves with rap chants, drum machines, and acoustic percussion. Additionally, Aye-Cue and Keter use vocal effects rigs to emphasize lyrics, stir the emotions of listeners, and encourage them to wander through their beautiful city.

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