Def Dasm on Midday with K

Join Midday with K this Wednesday at 5:30pm CST for a live interview with Def Dasm on WIIT 88.9FM streaming live at or find us on TuneIn. Def Dasm is a Chicago native and no stranger to the house game. His music career started out working at B-Sides Record store. He later went on to become the manager at Mix-A-lots Record store and also worked at Superdance Record Store.

Def Dasm is a DJ, Remixer and Producer. He plays and produces a variety of genres of music ranging from Instrumental Hip-Hop, Downtempo,Techno, Jack, Latin,Tec-House and House. He has had releases on Tru Musica, Distorted Muzik, Look At You Records, Phunk Junk Records, Toxic Recordings and Gods Of Madness.

Def Dasm doesn’t stick to one genre. He doesn’t believe in genres. He believes that music is an expression of ones self. Something that comes from your soul. You should always express yourself without borders or genres. Do what you feel is right. Make sure to catch one of his DJ sets on his monthly podcast available on Mixcloud.

Thank you for all the support.

“If you never tried then you never really had a chance.”

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