Fania Records (the “Motown” of Latin Music) features WIIT Host, El Caobo

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Fania Logo

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“El Caobo” brings us this outstanding mix of Christmas tracks. During this time of the year, everybody will enjoy this mix as much as we have already been during the past few days. It’s been such a pleasure to have this mix on our podcast from one of the top Salsa dj’s in the world.

“El Caobo” is a premier tropical musician specializing in SALSA/MAMBO, as well as a DJ and radio host. He is also a proud authorized Fania Records and West Side Latino/Seeco Records representative. As such, he has traveled to cities across the United States (including the cradle of salsa: New York City) to share what he affectionately calls “salsa de la mata” with clubs filled with very receptive audiences of eager SALSA/MAMBO dancers!

El Caobo currently hosts three fully bilingual radio shows at three different college radio stations: the Illinois Institute of Technology (7 years), the University of Chicago (2 years) and the University of Illinois-Chicago (1 year). All three shows are called El Tornado Tropical con El Caobo and all stream live on the Internet. Two of his shows also air on the FM dial in Chicago.

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