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  • The Postal Service @ The Salt Shed

    The Postal Service @ The Salt Shed

    @sasharodriguez On December 8th 2022, The Postal Service announced a 20th anniversary tour performing the entirety of Give Up. Additionally the tour announced co-headliner Death Cab for Cutie which would also celebrate Transatlanticism. Both bands are fronted by Ben Gibbard. The Postal Service brings Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley front-woman, and Jimmy Tamborello. Before this reunion tour, […]

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  • black country, new road @ thalia hall

    black country, new road @ thalia hall

    Written by @nicobatkoski Pictures by @colekincart Music is often best when shared with those you love. Whether it’s yelling out the lyrics  to the latest pop hit together, or basking in the pure emotion of a somber ballad, there is an intrinsic sense of unity found in music. No band captures that essence more than […]

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  • Find your frequency at WIIT 88.9 FM

    Find your frequency at WIIT 88.9 FM

    Written by @amelia.moseman for Tech News August 2023 “Since the dissipation of power is proportional to the square of the current, it may be considered to be caused by an equivalent or effective resistance which is called the radiation resistance of an antenna. Thus the radiation resistance of an antenna is that resistance which is […]

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  • Pitchfork Music Festival 2023, A Review of All Three Days

    Pitchfork Music Festival 2023, A Review of All Three Days

    @sasharodriguez Hosted in Union Park for the past seventeen years, Pitchfork Music Festival returns and brings in many talented artists to Chicago. This year’s line-up features The Smile, Bon Iver, Kelela, and many more artists spread across the three color coordinated stages across the park.  Simply put, Pitchfork brings out the very odd and very […]

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  • To Learn- Leith Ross

    To Learn- Leith Ross

    @amelia.moseman Having missed the Minneapolis stop of “The First Leith Ross Tour Ever” on June 14th, I decided I would have to supplement by writing an album review. It’s been almost a month since To Learn, the sophomore album from Winnipeg based folk artist Leith Ross came out (release date May 19, 2023), so I’ve […]

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  • Caroline Polacheck and Ethel Cain @ The Riveria

    Caroline Polacheck and Ethel Cain @ The Riveria

    @colekincart Last Tuesday night at The Rivera, fans were treated to an unforgettable triple-header featuring the immensely talented Caroline Polachek, and the rising stars Ethel Cain and True Blue. Ethel Cain, the opening act, proved to be one of the strongest performers I’ve seen in quite some time. As a rising star, Cain’s performance was […]

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  • Yves Tumor @ The Riviera

    Yves Tumor @ The Riviera

    @colekincart Last Friday, Yves Tumor and friends, performed at the Riviera Theatre to an electrifying crowd Throughout the jam-packed setlist, it was a show that will forever be in my memory. Yves Tumor, born Sean Bowie, is a critically acclaimed and enigmatic musician whose artistic vision defies easy categorization. With a background shrouded in mystery, […]

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  • The National @ Auditorium Theatre

    The National @ Auditorium Theatre

    @sasharodriguez The National, on tour with Soccer Mommy and The Beths, perform their first of four nights here in Chicago on May 18th at the Auditorium Theatre. I gleefully took my seat directly in the middle, not too far not too close, just perfect. Soccer Mommy took the stage first and the audience was really […]

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  • Durand Jones/Kara Jackson @ Lincoln Hall

    Durand Jones/Kara Jackson @ Lincoln Hall

    @dj_neon_grey 5/9/23; Durand Jones, Kara Jackson; Lincoln Hall Kara Jackson, 2019 National Youth Poet Laureate hailing from the Chicago metro area, opened with a solo acoustic set. She performed seated wearing a black dress and dark blue eye shadow. Her folk music is well written and impeccably performed. You could hear a pin drop as […]

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  • feist @ the radius

    feist @ the radius

    @colekincart Last Friday, Feist took the stage at The Radius, delivering an exceptionally contemporary concert experience that felt more like a larger piece of art than a typical live performance. The show was a perfect balance between deeply orchestrated and thematic, yet highly organic and intimate, showcasing Feist’s musical prowess and her genuine connection with […]

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  • miya folick @ the riviera

    miya folick @ the riviera

    @sasharodriguez Miya Folic, singer-songwriter from California, is currently on tour supporting the iconic duo Aly & AJ. I was able to capture some photos of her set as well which was wonderful! Miya teased the audience towards the end with a snippet of her most recent single “Mommy” and the crowd was absolutely loving it. […]

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  • interview with begonia

    interview with begonia

    @sasharodriguez I had the opportunity to speak with Winnipeg native Begonia aka Alexa Dirks. We talk vulnerability, social media perfection, and Chic Gamine. Watch to see one of my favorite interviews I’ve done so far!

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  • show me the body @ the metro

    show me the body @ the metro

    Photo taken by Ricardo Adame @ricardoeadame @sasharodriguez Hailing from New York, Show Me The Body brings hardcore fans their latest studio album Trouble The Water. Incorporating elements of hardcore punk and alternative hip hop, Show Me The Body has brought the heat to every show on this tour.  Show Me The Body’s World War Tour […]

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  • Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke, Soul of Bronzeville 02/01

    Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke, Soul of Bronzeville 02/01

    For this year’s Black History Month, the WIIT Exec Board wanted to take time to celebrate some of the most talented and successful African American musicians and performers that once called Bronzeville home. Be sure to check out our shows airing on Tuesdays at 1 and Fridays at 11:30 to hear about the artists and […]

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  • Courtney Barnett @ The Chicago Theatre

    Courtney Barnett @ The Chicago Theatre

    @colekincart Last Sunday, the city of Chicago was blessed with a long-awaited Courtney Barnett concert at the Chicago Theater. Hailing from Australia, Courtney Barnett is an indie-rock singer, songwriter and musician. Most fans, including myself, gravitate towards Barnett’s music for many reasons. However, her lyrical delivery is always a personal spectacle. Her sly dead-pan and […]

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    @colekincart “It feels so good to be going to concerts again.”  While we were walking out of the venue, I turned to fellow music director Sam and said those words. While most would obviously agree with that statement, Buck Meek’s performance at Lincoln Hall was an extremely gracious reminder–for both the audience and the artist– […]

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  • Dr. Dog @ Metra

    Dr. Dog @ Metra

    @amelia.moseman @genna__gee  Dr. Dog was absolutely everything. They had the light production, they had the stage presence, and they certainly had the perfect setlist. The Philly native band performed at Metra which held an impressive amount of people. In fact, the crowd held a wide range of ages which goes to show you how many […]

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      @colekincart When it comes to an album release, timing is almost always the make-or-break factor.  It can determine the success, longevity, and reception of an album. Albums can wane back and forth between feeling “dated” or “ahead of their time.” Released 7 years after his breakout debut album “Worlds”, it might seem that on […]

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    @colekincart “What did we just witness?” As we left the smoke-ridden Lincoln Hall, my friend Jason turned to me and said those exact words. It’s not often you leave a concert scratching your head. The intensity of the confusion and potent emotion seemed to overpower the typical casual, lighthearted feelings after leaving a show. For […]

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    @colekincart @genna__gee In order for a concert for an artist to have the best live-show experience possible, there’s several things that must be taken into account. Whether it is crafting the right setlist, generating the right energy, or not holding back, Indigo De Souza was able to get it all done.  Still riding the wave […]

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    @amelia.moseman @genna__gee Loony was a production. We were absolutely ecstatic to go to our first show for WIIT and let’s just say the night did not disappoint. Before Loony came on, Ebony Loren opened the show. She’s a local artist that has accumulated a growing fan base thanks to TikTok. Ebony was supported by a […]

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  • Pitchfork Music Festival 2021

    Pitchfork Music Festival 2021

    @mantha.maee Pitchfork Music Festival has a sense of dualism that fits in a way I never would have expected. You have the quintessential midwest hospitality with cicadas screeching, ice cold lemonade shandys, and indie boys. Then you have the head banging-mosh pitting-Sear’s Towering-helicopter droning-urban grunge. The music has the same sense of dualism, with vibey […]

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  • An interview with Abby Kimball

    An interview with Abby Kimball

    An interview by Theo Guidroz (@theo_gdz) at WIIT Q: So Abby, introduce yourself. Abby – Hey, I’m Abby Kimball. I write and sing some songs. I live two hours south of Chicago in normal and I’m attending the University of Missouri.   Q: Do you just record songs as a hobby? Abby – Um, I’d say […]

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  • Dayglow @ Schubas Tavern

    Dayglow @ Schubas Tavern

    @mantha.maee I’d heard Dayglow a few times before, and can tell they’re pretty up and coming in the indie/alt world. When I saw they were having a show at Schubas Tavern, I knew it was gonna be a good one. Dayglow is a pretty young band, but one of those bands with a cool sound […]

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  • Carl Cox @ Radius

    Carl Cox @ Radius

    By @theo_gdz As a techno enthusiast, I was really excited to see the king himself perform in Chicago. To add to the hype, Carl Cox (@carlcoxofficial) was performing at Radius, a new venue that opened a week before his show. To make the most of the night, I decided to get to the venue before […]

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