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  • hurray for the riff raff @ lincoln hall

    hurray for the riff raff @ lincoln hall

    @colekincart Last Thursday night, Lincoln Hall welcomed Hurray for the Riff Raff alongside NNAMDÏ for a deeply memorable performance celebrating the release of their ninth studio album, “The Past Is Still Alive.” Having immersed myself in the album’s sonic escapades over the past few weeks, the significance of its release immediately stood out. Garnering immediate…

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  • ryan beatty @ thalia hall

    ryan beatty @ thalia hall

    Cole and I revisited Ryan Beatty’s performance, this time at Thalia Hall, where his more relaxed interaction, heartfelt renditions from “Calico,” and an experienced band entranced fans with both new and classic hits, concluding with a remarkable Dolly Parton cover encore.

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  • friko @ the metro

    friko @ the metro

    @colekincart Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Friko’s album release show at Chicago’s iconic Metro, accompanied by WIIT program director, Matt. As the venue began to fill, the atmosphere simmered with excitement as fans eagerly anticipated performances from three of the city’s hottest indie bands, including openers Neptune’s Core and Smut. All three…

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  • feature friday, 02/02

    feature friday, 02/02

    Needing some new music on this sunny Chicago Friday? Here’s what our Exec Board is listening to this week! “Shatter”, from Surrender – Maggie Rogers For: people who love the freeness of the city, amazing production and vocals. – Tamar Agam and Tori Aspurez “Shake Appeal”, Iggy & The Stooges For: doing a little dance and…

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  • WIIT x Oliver Tree

    WIIT x Oliver Tree

    @sasharodriguez I sit down to talk with Oliver Tree, singer-songwriter and producer, to talk about Antarctica, H3H3, and his upcoming US Tour for his new album ‘Alone In A Crowd’.  

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  • What 2013 Means to Me: 10 Years Later

    What 2013 Means to Me: 10 Years Later

    @colekincart In the midst of 2023, I found myself unintentionally immersed in the music I had grown up with. Whether it was a marketing ploy by the big-name record labels to get individuals like myself to spend more money on reissues I probably don’t need, I found an accidental reunion with my soundtrack of 2013.…

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  • Cole Kincart’s Best Albums of 2023

    Cole Kincart’s Best Albums of 2023

    @colekincart In an age of never-ending lists and music stats, I find myself willingly subjected to and as a self-imposed user of the relentless onslaught of tier lists and the vicious ecosystem of incandescent rankings. Every year since my early high-school days in 2017, I’ve maintained a ritual: crafting a January playlist that serves as…

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  • ally evenson @ the metro

    ally evenson @ the metro

    @amelia.moseman Despite her midwest roots, Detroit-based musician Ally Evenson’s music is anything but polite and reserved. The intensely honest lyrics, detailing past relationships and mental health struggles, leave Evenson exposed and vulnerable. “I’m going to play you some mentally ill songs” she opened, evoking cheers of empathy from the crowd.  Under the lights of Chicago’s…

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  • Laufey @ Thalia Hall

    Laufey @ Thalia Hall

    @sasharodriguez The line stretched down 18th and curved around Racine St. Laufey’s first night here in Chicago and 9th stop on her Bewitched Tour stop at Thalia Hall. Laufey’s aptly titled Bewitched celebrates the feeling of love, whether about life or loving someone in particular. Laufey reintroduces something that was always there… Jazz. She has…

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  • geese @ lincoln hall

    geese @ lincoln hall

    @colekincart Last Thursday night, Geese graced the stage at Chicago’s renowned Lincoln Hall, marking the opening night for their latest EP, “4D.” The band, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, is known for their genre-blurring approach to music. Their latest EP, “4D,” is another chapter in their creative exploration, as it offers an extra collection of…

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  • Interview With Chaepter @ The Fallen Log

    Interview With Chaepter @ The Fallen Log

    @wynterbrown The DIY scene in Chicago is coming back in full force. October 4th, a DIY show was held at the Fallen Log. By day, Kitchen 17 is a top tier vegan pizzeria. By night, the restaurant takes on the DIY scene in style as the Fallen Log. With an aquatic theme, arcade games, and…

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  • Music Recommendation- Willie Bradley

    Music Recommendation- Willie Bradley

    Written by DJ Travis Morris of ‘The Breeze’ “The Trumpeter with Heart in Soul” Willie Bradley is a native of Orangeburg, SC and a South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC where he earned his BS degree in Music Education and Performance. Willie’s trumpet style has garnered him the respect of musicians (Soul and Jazz) alike.…

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  • The Postal Service @ The Salt Shed

    The Postal Service @ The Salt Shed

    @sasharodriguez 09/23/2023 On December 8th 2022, The Postal Service announced a 20th anniversary tour performing the entirety of Give Up. Additionally the tour announced co-headliner Death Cab for Cutie which would also celebrate Transatlanticism. Both bands are fronted by Ben Gibbard. The Postal Service brings Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley front-woman, and Jimmy Tamborello. Before this reunion…

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  • black country, new road @ thalia hall

    black country, new road @ thalia hall

    Written by @nicobatkoski Pictures by @colekincart Music is often best when shared with those you love. Whether it’s yelling out the lyrics  to the latest pop hit together, or basking in the pure emotion of a somber ballad, there is an intrinsic sense of unity found in music. No band captures that essence more than…

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  • Find your frequency @ WIIT 88.9 FM

    Find your frequency @ WIIT 88.9 FM

    Written by @amelia.moseman for Tech News August 2023 “Since the dissipation of power is proportional to the square of the current, it may be considered to be caused by an equivalent or effective resistance which is called the radiation resistance of an antenna. Thus the radiation resistance of an antenna is that resistance which is…

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  • Pitchfork Music Festival 2023, A Review of All Three Days

    Pitchfork Music Festival 2023, A Review of All Three Days

    @sasharodriguez Hosted in Union Park for the past seventeen years, Pitchfork Music Festival returns and brings in many talented artists to Chicago. This year’s line-up features The Smile, Bon Iver, Kelela, and many more artists spread across the three color coordinated stages across the park.  Simply put, Pitchfork brings out the very odd and very…

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  • To Learn- Leith Ross

    To Learn- Leith Ross

    @amelia.moseman Having missed the Minneapolis stop of “The First Leith Ross Tour Ever” on June 14th, I decided I would have to supplement by writing an album review. It’s been almost a month since To Learn, the sophomore album from Winnipeg based folk artist Leith Ross came out (release date May 19, 2023), so I’ve…

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  • Caroline Polacheck and Ethel Cain @ The Riveria

    Caroline Polacheck and Ethel Cain @ The Riveria

    @colekincart Last Tuesday night at The Rivera, fans were treated to an unforgettable triple-header featuring the immensely talented Caroline Polachek, and the rising stars Ethel Cain and True Blue. Ethel Cain, the opening act, proved to be one of the strongest performers I’ve seen in quite some time. As a rising star, Cain’s performance was…

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  • Yves Tumor @ The Riviera

    Yves Tumor @ The Riviera

    @colekincart Last Friday, Yves Tumor and friends, performed at the Riviera Theatre to an electrifying crowd Throughout the jam-packed setlist, it was a show that will forever be in my memory. Yves Tumor, born Sean Bowie, is a critically acclaimed and enigmatic musician whose artistic vision defies easy categorization. With a background shrouded in mystery,…

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  • The National @ Auditorium Theatre

    The National @ Auditorium Theatre

    @sasharodriguez The National, on tour with Soccer Mommy and The Beths, perform their first of four nights here in Chicago on May 18th at the Auditorium Theatre. I gleefully took my seat directly in the middle, not too far not too close, just perfect. Soccer Mommy took the stage first and the audience was really…

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  • Durand Jones/Kara Jackson @ Lincoln Hall

    Durand Jones/Kara Jackson @ Lincoln Hall

    @dj_neon_grey 5/9/23; Durand Jones, Kara Jackson; Lincoln Hall Kara Jackson, 2019 National Youth Poet Laureate hailing from the Chicago metro area, opened with a solo acoustic set. She performed seated wearing a black dress and dark blue eye shadow. Her folk music is well written and impeccably performed. You could hear a pin drop as…

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  • feist @ the radius

    feist @ the radius

    @colekincart Last Friday, Feist took the stage at The Radius, delivering an exceptionally contemporary concert experience that felt more like a larger piece of art than a typical live performance. The show was a perfect balance between deeply orchestrated and thematic, yet highly organic and intimate, showcasing Feist’s musical prowess and her genuine connection with…

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  • miya folick @ the riviera

    miya folick @ the riviera

    @sasharodriguez Miya Folic, singer-songwriter from California, is currently on tour supporting the iconic duo Aly & AJ. I was able to capture some photos of her set as well which was wonderful! Miya teased the audience towards the end with a snippet of her most recent single “Mommy” and the crowd was absolutely loving it.…

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  • interview with begonia

    interview with begonia

    @sasharodriguez I had the opportunity to speak with Winnipeg native Begonia aka Alexa Dirks. We talk vulnerability, social media perfection, and Chic Gamine. Watch to see one of my favorite interviews I’ve done so far!

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  • show me the body @ the metro

    show me the body @ the metro

    Photo taken by Ricardo Adame @ricardoeadame @sasharodriguez Hailing from New York, Show Me The Body brings hardcore fans their latest studio album Trouble The Water. Incorporating elements of hardcore punk and alternative hip hop, Show Me The Body has brought the heat to every show on this tour.  Show Me The Body’s World War Tour…

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  • Mr. Automatic @ the Bog

    Thanks to Mr. Automatic for coming out to The BOG a couple weekends ago with a fantastic Electro Swing DJ set!

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  • Bon Iver opens up a new world on long-awaited third album “22, A Million” This article originally appeared in TechNews In the time that Bon Iver has lain dormant, it’s clear the Justin Vernon has been paying close attention to the masters of modern songcraft. It seems strange to say such a thing about somebody who…

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  •                         Les Étoiles come full circle on ‘Alight, Alight’ This article originally appeared in TechNews. Eight years after the quiet 2008 release of his debut album ‘Never to Alight’, UK native David Fitzpatrick begins his latest release with a refrain of the closest thing…

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  • WIIT Fall 2016 Schedule Announced Highlights include new shows like From A Motel 6 (classic Indie) and PG-13 (artist features and interviews) along with classics like The Duke’s Classic Soul and R&B Revue (Soul/R&B/Hip Hop) and The Afternoon Breeze (Jazz). Longtime WIIT listeners will be happy to hear some of their favorite student-run programming return…

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  • WIIT New Music Review  – “Impossible Animals” by ROAR

    This article originally appeared in TechNews. For the last four years, ROAR have not been an easy band to pay attention to. Following two brief EPs in 2010 and 2012 which gained exposure through Jeff Rosenstock’s Quote Unquote Records netlabel, the Phoenix-based project of Owen Evans seemed like it was going through the time-honored tradition…

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  • With finals coming up, we know you need a break! Listen to some good music, shoot some pool, hang out with your friends and see what Guerrilla Mix is all about this Tuesday Night!

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  • Parquet Courts’ “Human Performance” Is Their Most Compelling Album Yet

    There are countless many lines that can be drawn between Parquet Courts and other festival-heavy acts of the last five years. The group rose to prominence on the simultaneous nostalgia waves of revival surf punk and 60s-style psych, straddling the line between the nonchalance of groups like Wavves and the reverb-driven concentration of Cloud Nothings…

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  • Battle of the Bands 2016

    Hello Everyone, Come to The Bog on the night of April 14th to see local artists battle it out for big prizes! An all-evening-long walk-in event with more music than you can shake a stick at.  Battle of the Bands is a storied Illinois Tech tradition that WIIT is bringing back strong this year in…

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  • Charles Bradley’s “Changes” Is True To Its Title, But Keeps Traditional Soul Sound Intact

    This article originally appeared in TechNews Charles Bradley is an unlikely figure to be making the rounds on today’s music festival circuit, drawing crowds at annual destinations as diverse as Eaux Claires, Hangout Fest, and Coachella. His truly traditional blend of turn-of-the-70s soul and funk seems somewhat out of place even in a world that’s…

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  • Daniel Knox @ The Bog

    Photos from Saturday night’s Bog show with @danielknox, hosted by Faded Frequency’s Soren Spicknall. In the last photo, from left to right, is Liza McQueney (Music Director), Viktor Koves (Business Director), Daniel Knox, Soren Spicknall (Station Manager and event host), Reno Waswil (Program Director), and David Sobel (Technical Director). Photos by Viktor Koves and Seth…

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  • Daniel Knox Interview

    danielknox “I see my music as an extension of film.” – Daniel Knox In anticipation of this weekend’s on-campus concert with the unique singer-songwriter Daniel Knox, listen to this 2015 interview with Soren Spicknall of Faded Frequency, recorded for now-defunct WIIT radio show No Hits Allowed.

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